February 28, 2012, Excuses

Thats me and Simon at the expo

I should explain my recent absence from this blog, and also cover my butt for the next few days.

I was out of town the later part of last week at a very exciting horse event, the Pennsylvania Horse World Expo.  My team worked the MGAA, Mounted Games Across America, booth and we also rode in a demo as part of it.  It was very exciting, very time consuming, and you can read about it on my other bog, Blue Ridge Pony.  I created three posts concerning the event…




I have also been shamelessly promoting two upcoming clinics my local MGAA Branch, Blue Ridge Games, is hosting by plastering flyers all over Craigslist and Facebook and then checking the links and my email every few minutes to see if I am getting any responses.


Our Facebook page is www.facebook.com/blueridgegames

or on the web at www.blueridgegames.org

I also write a quarterly newsletter for MGAA, the same organization mentioned above and I am in the process of finishing up the latest edition.  Which takes way more time than one would think.  If you are crazy interested, or crazy bored, and like that type of thing, you can find most of my past newsletters at this link on the MGAA site.


Next, I am preparing my home business, Cosmic Earth, for our return to the Farmers Market this weekend.  My husband and I took January and February off from this job (but still worked our normal 40/hr a week jobs), but generally spend every Saturday at our market working our stand.  And just like any normal person, I totally enjoyed my two months of Saturdays off and have completely procrastinated any return to market preparations I should have been working on.  Which I am now cramming to get done.


I also got this amazing new leather industrial sewing machine about two weeks ago that I am still learning about.  Unfortunately I can’t blame my lack of activity on here for that because I still need to blow a ton of money ordering supplies so I can actually work with the machine!  You can check that out on my Cosmic Earth blog here.


My last excuse is that it is getting to be garden time and I am way way behind in placing some much needed seed orders.  Really, take two months off and all goes to hell.   So I have been spending way more time than any human should browsing seed catalogs and websites filling my virtual carts with an over abundance of goodies and then spending even more time weeding them back out.

But yeah, I should be posting more regularly in short order.  Back to entertain the nonexistent masses with my witty charm, remedial baking and … oh who am I kidding.  Just give me a few days and I’ll be rambling a profusion of nonsense on here again!

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