Ring Back Tones Are Stupid.

Why do people pay money to greet their callers by blasting overly loud music into their ear?

In case you are unaware, if you call a cell phone, and before it starts to ring a pleasant recorded voice says “please enjoy the music while your party is reached” and then loud music blares into your ear, that’s a ringback tone.  It is what the caller hears instead of a ring. 

A few weeks ago I called a person about a pony for sale ad and I was promptly dropped into the middle of a loud, proud, country song that shocked my system into nearly dropping my phone for fear my ear would revolt at the volume.  Yesterday when calling another craigslist pony ad I was greeted with loud elevator music.  I was under the impression that elevator music was never meant to be loud, and I can say this impression was confirmed yesterday. 

My main issue with ringback tones is that they are very loud, way louder than a person would be talking through the phone.  If the cell phone company turned the volume down, it wouldn’t be so bad.  I mean really, who needs to hear Shakira across the room blasting through an unsuspecting callers phone?  No one is who. 

Stop the madness, don’t get a ringback tone.

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