Cosmic Earth Farmers Market Stand

May 30, 2013

Here are some images from my Cosmic Earth booth at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market on Memorial weekend May 25, 2013.

2013-05-25 08.06.04

2013-05-25 08.08.33

2013-05-25 08.10.45

2013-05-25 10.45.11

2013-05-25 10.45.30

2013-05-25 10.45.39

2013-05-25 10.45.43

Bed Warmer

May 18, 2013

Someone keeps my spot in bed safe after I get up in the morning.

2013-05-13 19.45.49

Paddle Time

May 4, 2013

On Wednesday I dropped rich off for a quick paddle on the river by our house.  Daisy and I hiked around by the river a little and I got a few decent photos. 




Checking In

April 23, 2013

Just a cute photo of Daisy from yesterday.  More posts coming soon…

2013-04-23 18.05.43

Daisy’s New Toy

January 16, 2013

My parents gave Daisy a new toy, which she has been happily romping around the house with.  I noticed that the dog on the package looks a lot like Daisy.  What do you think?


Cat People vs Dog People

December 12, 2012

This video is really funny.

Love it

Happy 12-12-12!

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