Squirrel Wrangler

It got seasonably winter cold today.  It even flurried some. We got coated up and headed outside for a little fresh (frigged) air.  Daisy doesn’t have an undercoat and she needs a little help staying warm sometimes so she wore her dog blanket.

She is also a stealth squirrel wrangler.  I took a few photos of her while she was hard at work making sure they all stayed out of her yard.

The squirrels hang out on top of the shed.

They hop from the trees to the house to another tree to the shed and back into more trees.

They can climb along the sides of the shed and like to sit up under the roof edge and chatter down at her.

The squirrels seem to enjoy teasing Daisy as much as she likes to make sure they stay off the ground and out of her yard.

Shortly after we got Daisy, she brought Rich a squirrel head.  I guess she let them know she is serious from the start.

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