El Sol Azteca – Ashburn, Virginia

April 8, 2013

One of the things we did on the bachelorette weekend event was go out for a fun dinner.  The bridal party was joined by two of the brides old friends and we went to a animated Mexican restaurant called El Sol Azteca in Ashburn, Virginia. 

The patio was closed and it was dark when we got there so I did not get much of a view of the outer façade. The inside was well decorated and vibrant.  From the multi colored air ducts running along the ceiling to the alternatingly vibrant painted walls, the interior popped.  Every aspect was in theme including the heavy wooden chairs and the tribal inspired table tops.  The place just felt fun and festive. 

We had to wait for about an hour to be seated, but enjoyed some of that time getting a drink at the bar.  I noticed that one of the fashionable things at this restaurant was to get guacamole, which is made to order, at your table from a rolling prep cart.  It looked fantastic, and was the complimentary chips and salsa. 

Our waiter was fun and entertaining and he brought our tables assorted orders accurately.  Between the six of us we got a variety of entrees and everyone reveled in their meal.  Mine was superb.  Perfectly cooked, with soft and crunchy textures blended perfectly.  Coated in a light cheese sauce, and garnished with guacamole, tomatoes and sour cream, the flavor combination was spot on.  I would be hard pressed to decide what to get on a return trip, this edible work of art I have already tried, or something new, and likely just as good. 

 Not the best photos








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  1. I’m hungry now! Drooling over Mexican food! Lol.


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