Hunger Games Movie

I saw the Hunger Games movie last night.  I did read the books and very much enjoyed them.  I generally enjoy books and movies about dystopian societies or apocalyptic events so it was right up my alley. 

I liked the movie and thought they did a superb job of transcribing the book into a movie that both readers and non reads could enjoy.  It was totally worth the financial raping by Hoyts Theaters to get admittance to see it. 

I really liked the actress that played Katniss, she was strong and pretty much spot on for how I pictured this character in the books.  I liked that she was an ugly crier and made some less then attractive facial expressions.  It made her real.  And she wore some really badass boots too.  Gale, and pretty much all of the other characters including the settings were also in line with my imagination.  The only exception to this would be Peetre who I pictured a bit beefier. 


I enjoyed the chaotic shifty filming, and think this artistic flare added to the whole experience.  But, it was a little extreme and it gave me a bit of motion sickness.   Around the midpoint in the movie, before the actual Hunger Games even started, my head was ready to split and my stomach was in upheaval.  I made a point to close my eyes through a few of the more out of focus, jumpy, zoomed in shots for a bit and made it through the movie, and still enjoyed it.

I do look forward to the rest of the trilogy made into film, although I do hope they can tone down the jumpiness a little.  I was in bed and asleep at a very reasonable hour last night, without a single adult beverage mind you, and I do feel a bit hung over today, which I am attributing to the motion sickness I fell asleep with. 

I totally recommend this movie to anyone that doesn’t get motion sick easily.

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