Some Sadistic Lamb Stole My Spring

It is March 15th.  Which happens to be my husband’s birthday, one of my closest friends, Carol Ann’s birthday, and a horse friend, Ashley’s birthday.  Rich and Carol Ann are both very involved in my life, and I have noticed, that while Rich and Carol Ann are very different people, they both have very similar attributes.  I wonder if I am I attracted to this specific birth sign or something? 

Anyway, I am not posting about birthdays today, I want to comment on this crazy weather instead.  Yeah yeah, weather is always doing something crazy, that’s nothing new.  And this year has been no exception with unseasonably warm temperatures.  A warm spell for a few days or even a week is nothing out of the ordinary for March, you know that whole lion and lamb reference to March, right?  Must be some sadistic lamb taking over because I am not seeing any lion this year.  We have had upper 70s and 80 degree weather for the past week, and it’s forecasted to stick around like this for at least another week.  I should also mention, other than one chilly day last weekend, we were already basking in the low 70s.  And it was rather mild all winter.  We hardly used any heat, which is nice for the ol purse. 

I am not a fan of heat, and would rather bundle up in layers to venture out doors than soak through my tank top while having my skin crisped off by the sun.  And with no spring temperatures to graduate us through the 50s, 60s and 70s and acclimate this robust body, I was feeling it yesterday.  I took Simon for a ride and we were both sluggish, and soaked and feeling pretty gross pretty quick.  Not fun.  It’s also hot at night, and I am already doing the summer toss and turn, did someone pee the bed, oh no, that’s just a puddle of my own sweat I am laying in. Awesome.  And did I forget to mention we are already having summer style thunderstorms?  I just love being woken up by a dog growling at the storm from under the bed. 

On the way to work today, the local NPR newscaster assured me it would reach the mid 80s this afternoon.  He then put a little perspective on the situation while reading the current temperatures in the listening area by saying, “Its currently 52 in Luray, which is a little warmer than the average high for this time of year.” 

And you know what a lot of us are thinking?  If it’s this warm in March, what the hector is July going to be like?  130 with 95% humidity, earth quakes and the worst draught of all time?  Maybe toss in a tornado or two for good measure?  I guess the winter heat savings everyone is happy about will go bust this summer for cooling expenses.  We do not have air conditioning in my house though. Oh boy, can’t wait!

Maybe those Mayans didn’t just decide to stop making calendars when they reached 2012 and they are really onto something with the whole end of the world thing.  Or maybe all the hot weather lovers are really doing some effective juju dance to kick out the cold?

Bastards.  If I wanted to live in this kind of weather I would move to Florida.

I want spring.

Temps predicted are pre-heat index.

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