Cabinet – 611 – Frederick

February 1, 2013

I am trying to get caught up on some posts I started  a while back.  This one is rather old, but worth sharing.

Over Thanksgiving I visited my parents in Frederick, Maryland.  On Friday night I had prearranged plans to hang out with an old and dear friend, Sam.  When I got hold of Sam that morning, he kept with his usual, fun-awesomeness, and asked “you up for some bluegrass”?  Well duh, hells yeah!

And I am ready to head out for the night. Super adult looking and all.

And I am ready to head out for the night. Super adult looking and all.

Sam and I met up, grabbed a quick drink – I had a rockin highly caffeinated latte – at Nola’s on Patrick Street.  I have been to Nola’s a good dozen or so times, and will blog about it specifically some other time.  We cruised around downtown Frederick, checking out the festive lights, and holiday atmosphere for a bit.  We even made a circle around the block trying to get a photo of a guy on stilts, but were unsuccessful.


Then we headed over to Cafe 611.  I remember going there at least once as a teenager, as in pre-driving aged teenager, to see a band.  I remember my mom dropping me and my friend Danielle off.  Cool old memories.  The club’s inside was very much how I remembered it, with a slightly awkward set up.

I was happily met with the sounds of the opening band, On The Bus This was totally unexpected, and a surprise from Sam.  On The Bus is a remarkably good Grateful Dead cover band, which had myself, Sam, and his friend that met up with us, all shaking our butts.

On The Bus

On The Bus

The main act to follow On The Bus was a modern bluegrass band, Cabinet.  They were having a release party for their fourth album, Leap.  A Pennsylvania based band, made up of six guys, they play fast paced, modern jamgrass style bluegrass, complete with a drummer.

Surprise Sam, I am taking your picture.  at Nola's.

Surprise Sam, I am taking your picture.
at Nola’s.

It was an awesome time.

Here is a fan video I found from the show on youtube of Cabinet.

Market Street

Market Street


This was on the door, for the New Years Eve show.

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