The Seat and the Lid

Recently a friend mentioned that her and her housemate had clashed over the toilet seat.  Up or down?

This has never really been an issue with any of my living companions.  Growing up I lived in a one toilet household with my parents and sister and a slew of pets.  After moving out I had a small assortment of male and female roommates over the years, often with pets, and I currently live with my husband and pets. 

I mention the pets because I think they may be one of the mediating factors.  What dog doesn’t want to drink cold water out of an elevated bowl?  And what cat is not attracted to stick his paws in swirling water?  And in turn, what person wants to cuddle and kiss a face that was just in the toilet? 

I saw my cat fall into the toilet one time when the lid was left open momentarily.  Being used to it being closed, Lupin jumped up to perch without bothering to check, and bloop, in he went. 

There is also the flush spray factor.  When the toilet is flushed with the lid open, you know every spraying poo particle mists directly onto the toothbrushes.  Gross. 

And have you not noticed how an open lid seems to attract valuable items like cell phones, to fall directly into the void?  It’s like some type of sucking vortex is created by leaving the lid open and a normally steady hand will slip and Plop.  Where’s that bag of rice? 

I wonder if some men who leave the seat up just have so little bladder control that they can’t hold it long enough to flip the seat up?  Or maybe they never poop and have to put it back down?

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