Maryland is for Crabs

Eating steamed blue crabs is a Maryland past time.  I have heard non Marylanders comment that it “takes too long” or its too much “work for the food”.  I guess you really need to be a Marylander to get it.  Blue crabs steamed to a faded brick red, coated in Old Bay and hot to the touch, a true Marylander can pop a crab open and disassemble it with one hand tied behind their back and a blind fold on.  Some people like to scrape the meat through the Old Bay, some like to dunk in melted butter, and others just like it all natural.

Crab cake recipes can be highly protected family secretes, and come in a variety of styles including deep friend, pan fried, baked, broiled and grilled.  My mom makes the best crab cakes.  Hers are a fluffy baked version with very little filler.  Eaten plain, with saltines, or on a bun, crab cakes can be done up in a variety of ways.

We had steamed crabs when I visited my family last week.  And then the next day we had crab cakes.


We don’t need no stinkin mallets!

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