Derecho Power Killer

This is a photo a friend shared on facebook. It is of the storm rolling in over Roanoke which is about 2 hours south of me.

Another friend on Facebook posted this photo of the storm over DC. Did I mention there was a LOT of lightning?

view of the downed tree from our house

We had a derecho wind storm on Friday.  It HIT the house at about 9pm.  I had just fallen asleep while watching some Olympic trials on TV and was woken up by the storm blasting into the area.  

I read up a bit on derecho storms and they are “straight-line windstorms” that drive winds across the area in a straight gusting line and include a lot of thunder and lightning.  This one was really strong and crazy. 

view of the dowed tree while facing our house.

Branches were falling and breaking off. A large tree fell over the driveway and onto some power lines.  It ripped up the roots in whole, dirt and all.  When the tree was removed it caused a line to lay low over the shared driveway.  Another branch snapped the cable line off our house and it is laying across our end of the driveway too.  At one point during the storm I heard a loud boom and the power went.  I believe the transformer outside of the house blew.  It effectively took out our house’s and three other’s power. 

after cutting the tree off the drivway the stump part of it snapped back up into the upright position.

People all over the county and surrounding counties are without power.  I hear that in West Virginia, literally over half the state lost power.  Nuts right?

There was a tree down by the post office that took out a powerline and closed the road.  I figured that would need to be fixed before our house’s power was restored and it got cleaned up Tuesday night so I figured we should be getting fixed soon.  

We tried to use our generator, which we have not used in 5 years, and it worked sporadically for the first two days, but only for 2 or 3 hours at a time.  It finally gave out and is down for the count.  Such a tease.

tree and line down over the road by the post office.

Yesterday was the fourth of July.  We ran our Cosmic Earth stand at the Harrisonburg Valley Fourth celebration and didn’t get home until almost 11 last night.  When we were driving up the driveway, under the low hanging telephone line and over the broken cable line, I saw light in our house. 

After a full 5 days of no power, we are back in the light! Woot woot!  I started some laundry and then got into bed for the best nights sleep in a week.  After work today I am looking forward to going to the grocery store to stock the fridge and then getting some custom orders completed with the use of my electricly powered sewing machine. 

The genny in repair

I even have the cable company coming out tomorrow to fix the cable and internet.  Oh yeah.

telephone line hanging low

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