Coordinated Zombies – Crap

May 29, 2013

A friend shared this youtube video with me and to borrow the words of another friend, crap, we’re boned.  If zombies can do double back flips, we are totally effed.  I am really counting on slow uncoordinated zombies.

Dog Eater Makes Duck Face

The zombie-esk behavior continues with a man eating his pet dog.  Apparently he was first spotted by his neighbor, who he chased off, dog style, on hands and knees, while barking and growling.  He next pounced on his roommate’s pet dog, which he beat and strangled and then began using his teeth to rip bite sized chunks off of.  He was reported to have been found by police covered in blood and fur, and to have begged them to use their stun gun on him so he could “get off his bad trip”.   

What I find the most intriguing about this story is the mug shot.  Is dog eater making a teenage girl on facebook style duck face or what? 

Read the story from ABC news here.

He confessed to being high on a synthetic marijuana called Spice.

Maybe people should just use real drugs if they have to use them.  All these ‘fake drugs’ just don’t seem to be working out.  All these recent incidents make me wonder about the semi-legal drug industry and their produces.  I will be very concerned if they release a mainstream energy vitamin or miracle common cold remedy. 

The dog eater is also from Waco, Texas, which I think is also suspect…

Is the dog eater making duck face?

Zombie Dog?

I took this photo of Daisy playing with her new toy.  I wonder if this is what a zombie dog would look like?

Zombie Nuts

I saw this image on a friend’s Facebook page and it made me laugh.

And now I share it with you.  Enjoy.

First Florida, Now Maryland

Last week it was a naked man eating another man’s face.  This week it is a guy eating his roommate’s brain and heart. 

Watch a news video about the MD incident

Scary stuff folks.  Scary stuff.

This is How it Starts in Zombie Lit

This is how a lot of zombie literature starts out.  Crazy homeless person found eating another person, suspected to be caused by drugs.

Just saying.   

News report – Man eating another man

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