Clementine’s Cafe – Harrisonburg, Virginia

April 9, 2013

My favorite local night spot is Clementine’s in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  It is relatively new at only a few years old, and is just as colorful on the outside as it is on the inside.  Owned and operated by the same people that have had success with Hanks Smoke House and the Thunderbird Dinner, both located in nearby McGaheysville, Virginia, Clementine’s has a completely different feel than the other venues. 

It has excellent food, operates as a comfortable bar, and hosts live music events, all in the same room.  I have tried several of their menu items and have enjoyed each one.  The steak medallions are cooked to juicy perfection, the asparagus is crispy and flavorful, the burgers are perfection in a bun, and the fish can’t be beat.  They have original and flavorful appetizers like pita and goat cheese, and fresh baked chips and dip.  And their beer list is long and diverse, full of crafted variety and flavor. 

I have also seen quite a few good music acts at this venue, including quite a few modern blue grass favorites like Larry Keel and the Natural Bridge and Yarn.  The stage is not too big, or too tall, letting patrons feel a part of the show.  Although it can get crowded, there is still room to stomp some feet and get a boogie on. 

Clementine’s also has a basement bar, that is used for trivia nights, debate viewings, reserved banquets and other social events.  It is also more generally patroned by the local college population, where the main floor tends to be favored by adults.  There is also outdoor patio seating that was opened last summer.  I have yet to try this option, but hope to this summer. 

A fun location, with ambient lighting with a collection of aesthetic staff, Clementine’s is a great addition to Harrisonburg life. 

la 01

la 02

Jenn and myself


la 03

Larry Keel and Natural Bridge a few months ago

la 04 m

la 05


Larry Keel and Natural Bridge a few weeks ago



James Justin a few weeks ago

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