Krista’s 3rd Kindle

March 27, 2013

Edited 4/30/13:
I have been using this Kindle for about a month and have read about a dozen different books on it.  Now that I have gotten a more hands on use with this model, I do not like.  In theory, and in practice, I do like the touch screen and how it works, but with use, it does not perform as it should.  Often it jumps ahead many a stack of pages, requiring the reader to flip back through dozens and dozens pages.  With longer books it seemed to do this more frequently, particularly as I got deeper into the book.  It would often jump from 40 or 50 percent, up to 97 or 98 percent.  This has proven to be extremely distracting and frustrating.  And for this fault alone I give this Kindle model a very unfavorable review. 


My second Kindle crapped out on me last week.  I had it charging all morning, and at lunch I went to switch it on for a little zombie lit time, and nothing.  I tried a couple times, since it had stayed on a few times in the past, but the screen saver persisted.  The green light would not stay on, but flickered on and off a few times.  I did the hard restart.  Like 20 times.  Nothing. 

I called Amazon, and they walked me through the same process I had already followed and declaired it dead.  Boo.

Of course it is well out of warrenty, but they offered me a few special deal options.  I choose the Kindle Touch.  It still have the E ink, paper like, not back lite screen.  It has the same size screen, but is a bit smaller since there is no key pad.  I asked for over night shipping and Amazon was happy to include it. 

This is part of why I keep coming back to Amazon.  They have flat out fantastic customer service. 

My new Kindle arrived the next day, already set up and ready to roll.  I have used it for four days now and I love the new design.  The touch is quick and responseve, which I was concerned would be annoying, but I instead love it. 



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