A Quick Walk in Downtown Frederick

Last week I had to make an unexpected trip to my hometown of Frederick, Maryland and then on to Baltimore, Maryland where the rest of my family is from.  As usual, Daisy was my travel companion. 

We were ahead of schedule and had a little time to burn so we stopped in downtown Frederick to go on a quick walk along the riverwalk, which is really pretty and neat and I really didn’t take many photos! Smart, right? 

We walked from the end of Baker Park, past the dog park, and started up the canal walk to the first tall bridge over the it.  I think it’s the one by the library.  It has a brass (or brass looking) water fountain for people, as well as one for dogs at this point.  Even though we had stopped at numerous water bowls that shops and restaurants have out for dogs, Daisy got a healthy drink at this special dog fountain. 

Frederick is dog friendly and many of the shops permit dogs to join their owners inside while shopping.  They usually have a done bone shaped sticker on the door to let patrons know.  And there is usually a water bowl inside or outside and sometimes dog cookies too. 


 Next time Daisy and I are cruising downtown Frederick I’ll be sure to take lots of photos to share.  There is some amazing mural art and architecture to look at.  And Lots of neat shops to check out. 


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