“I’m Moving” Pouts

I was happily dropping the whole politics thing, and ready to move back to more fun blog topics like cookies and cupcakes and what’s on TV, but I thought I would mention that I am getting a real kick out of all the (mostly young adult based) outrage over the election result Facebook posts that announce the poster is “moving to _____” fill in country.

Canada and Australia seem to be the top contenders.  Both of which are basically considered to be socialist countries.  Ouch.  And don’t look to Europe either my friends or you will be sorely disappointed.

As far as free modern countries, the USA is actually one of the least socialist. (Free being the key word there)
And let’s look at Australia folks, officially known as “the Commonwealth of Australia”, it is also a country that is not easy to immigrate to.  Which is again, ironic, that many of the people I see posting that they plan to move to Australia, are also against immigration in the USA.

Lack of education much?

Makes you wonder if they really knew what they were voting for in the first place.  Did these people look at impartial information, did they look at all sides with an open mind, and maybe research the pros and cons?  Or did they just listen to their parents, friends or even worse, TV commercials? EKKK!

And this does not even touch on the poor sportsmanship these people are exhibiting.  Do they really think its OK to just ball out when they don’t get their way?

What ever happened to supporting your “team” no matter what?   The elected officials in office might not be the ones that you specifically wanted, but they are still our leaders, and they still need our support.  How else are we supposed to be a strong country?  We need to show a UNITED force to the rest of the world, and that the American people band together and stand as one.

So stop being such a pansy ass loser, and step up to make your country better.  And maybe do a little research while you are at it.  Education is a good thing.

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