Doctor Who

Have I mentioned that I love Netflix?

My friend Jenn has been recommending I watch Doctor Who for a few years now.  I always shrugged it off with a lopsided mental image of Ed Wood meets 1931 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde but on a lower crappier budget. I knew my perspective was way off, but whatever, I didn’t have time to bother.

Recently I decided I did have time and I was ready to give it a try.

Glad I did.

I am about half way into series 2, so no spoilers please, and enjoying it.  To be clear, I dove into the more modern Doctor Who, beginning to air in 2005 with the 9th Doctor.

Briefly, the show is about a humanoid alien named The Doctor.  He travels through space and time in a blue British police box, taking on aliens and disasters to right the world and save the weak.  He shares his adventures with a human sidekick.

For those none Doctor Who fans,every few series or less they ‘reincarnate’  the Doctor, replacing him with a new actor.  The show explains this lead  change, in a semi mediocre, but acceptable way.  So far I am partial to the 9th Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston.  He was replaced at the end of series 1 with David Tennant as Doctor number ten.  I think its Eccleston’s more rugged looks and easy going personality compared to Tennant’s cleaner cut looks and cooler personality that I prefer.

His side kick through the first and second series is Rose Tyler played by Billie Piper.  I like her fun character although I am ridiculously distracted by how giant her mouth is.  Sort of like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

Unlike my lopsided preconception of the show, it is more like a British version of Sliders meets Warehouse 13.

I don’t know that I would rearrange my schedule to catch it on TV, but as a Netflix show, I am enjoying it.

A side note, the British show, Torchwood, is a spin off from Doctor Who.  Captain Jack Harkness, who is first seen in several episodes towards the end of the first series of Doctor Who, was then revived in Torchwood. So far there have been a few offhanded references to Torchwood in series two of Doctor Who.  Pretty neat.

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