Cupcakes Actually

November 29, 2012

I am a bit behind in finishing this post, but better late than never I suppose.

In October I went to a competition in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, which involved driving through Northern Virginia and onto the DC beltway.  Along my way I made a much anticipated stop at the REI store in Fairfax, Virginia (another over due blog post in the works).  When I came out of the REI store, I noticed a Chipotle across the street and headed over to grab some lunch.  While I was walking, a cupcake boutique caught my eye.  I powered on past it, reveling in how I managed to walk past a cupcake store without stopping.

My success was short lived.  When I left Chipotle I bee lined straight for the sugary goodness and found myself marching into Cupcakes Actually with a giant grin on my face.

Cupcakes Actually is a small storefront with a simple clean appearance and it is totally dedicated to cupcakes.  Since it was October, it also had a bit of a fall/Halloween decoration theme going on.

I marveled at all of the flavors of cupcakes available, but decided on a basic and picked out an almond cupcake with almond butter cream icing. The hostess placed it in a pretty little box, complete with a cupcake suspension device to keep this piece of confectionery art from getting muffed up.

Later that afternoon I dove into the cupcake with gusto, and decided it was worth every penny.  the icing was not overly sugary, as some butter creams tend to be, but was light and fluffy and divine.  The cake was moist to perfection, and even without the icing would have been a fabulous pleasure.

Better than expected, the perfection of this cupcake left me satisfied.  I’ll be sure to stop in for another the next time I am in Fairfax!  Yum!

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