Revolution – My New TV Show?

I have been wanting a new TV series that I can get excited about each week, and plan ahead to watch.  A new TV show to be dedicated to.  Years ago I was dedicated to Lost.  It was a good show with a little drama, a little mystery, well developed likeable characters, a weird science fiction twist to the whole thing and some comedic relief thrown in for good measure.  That show was a project of JJ Abrams, who also brought us some other interesting shows like Alias and Fringe (which I have on my “to watch one day” list) and movies including Cloverfield and Super 8.  Intriguing and despite mixed reviews, I like the guys work. 

This summer during the Olympics I saw some commercials for a new JJ Abrams show, Revolution, which starts Monday September 17th on NBC.  It looks like it is will be right up my alley.  A Weekly, one hour time slot, of action and mystery with a science fiction twist.  The show is set in the future, 15 years after the power goes out.  Post-apocalyptic action and adventure, sounds perfect, count me in!

Starting today, Tuesday September 4th, you can watch the entire pilot episode on  Which is pretty darn cool. And Also a bit of a tease.  I decided to jump the gun and watched the preview episode today at lunch. 


The show started off in the present with the, what happened set up, but rolled through it rather quickly.  It did fill us in a little with some flash backs, that I expect will continue throughout the show to give us a bigger picture.  Generally the episode introduced us to the characters we are going to be rooting for throughout the show, as well as the ones we are going to love to hate. 


We are introduced to the good guys including, Charlie, the late teen female character, who has a similar toughness and post-apocalyptic fashion to Katniss from The Hunger Games.  She is joined by Aaron, a character I expect to be a lovable comic figure that viewers will be endeared to.  We also meet the adorable Maggie, who sports a sexy Australian accent and a stand up attitude. 


One of the bad guys, Captain Tom Neville, is played by Giancarlo Esposito, who played Gus in AMC’s Breaking Bad.  I instantly warmed to him as a bad guy, and think he fits this roll excellently.  We also met a young male character named Nate, played by JD Pardo, and are left a little unsure of his affiliation.  He has the look at of a teen heartthrob, with the buff smooth appearance that was garnered by Taylor Lautner who played werewolf, Jacob Black, in The Twilight Saga


During the episode we get a few glimpses of the world of over grown buildings, flooded roads, boarded up towns and weathered structures as well as a look at how the world of no power operates.  We also get a teaser of an underlying plot, and in typical JJ Abram’s fashion, with some mysteries to be solved, the episode ended with me wanting more. 


The episode felt fast paced and a bit overly introductory.  I felt that the FOX network show from last year, Terra Nova, also started out similarly paced.  Additionally I found some of the characters in Revolution to show excessive emotion in a way I would not expect in a world that has been forced to live such a hard existence.  Charlie’s brother, Danny, came off as overly immature for someone growing up in this world. 

But all in all the pilot pulled it off, and I am ready to dedicate myself to the time slot and see how it goes. 

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  1. Carter

     /  September 6, 2012

    I’m really excited about Revolution! Supernatural is my favorite show of all time, so knowing that Eric Kripke is a part of this show is a huge lure for me. A coworker at Dish and I have decided to start watching this show together, so there are a couple viewers for it already. It’s going to be great because this year I have the Hopper which will allow me to record all the episodes with PrimeTime Anytime so I don’t miss any of my other shows either. I can’t wait to see this show; I really hope it is as good as it looks!

  2. Donna

     /  November 23, 2013

    Revoution is filming here where
    i ive in Texas


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