Bigots Have a Right to Free Speech

Bigots have a right to free speech.

They can spread hate, and reinforce bullying by publically standing up to say, “you are different and you are wrong, and that’s my opinion.”  That’s free speech, and they are just as welcome to their opinions as people in generations past were welcome to fight against women’s rights and equality and African American’s rights and equality.

And just like those past injustices that are now considered perfectly acceptable by the mass population and enforced by the federal law, people that are currently being oppressed and given lesser freedoms and rights will also win their fair share of equality in the future.

Its simply civil rights, fair and square.

But it is also notable that current media is at hand and much more prevalent than in the past. When housewives picketed against having black neighbors, they didn’t record their racist opinions on Facebook and Twitter where they were documented with time and date stamps. And there were minimal photos of conservatives holding signs against women’s equality to go down in the records to prove their bigotist nature for prosperity. Try goggle image searching “anti gay marriage” BOOM.

Palin showing her support – Photo: LA Times

So yeah, bigots have a right to free speech.  It’s just going to be a lot harder for the current bigot to hide their shame in the future when the currently oppressed have equal rights.

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