Stick-em-up Opossum

A few years ago, this photo arrived in my inbox as part of an email forward of a collection of really neat photos.  It made me grin from ear to ear.  Is the Opossum doing a “stick-em-up” pose, or is he saying “wooo whoooo!”

I saved it into a file of neat photos on my desktop and every time it appears on my slideshow screen saver I smile.

I hope it makes you grin too.

I spent a while searching around on the internet to give credit to the amazing photographer that caught this photo and I found it!  It appeared to be included in a photo collection similar to the one I received it in, and the below tag was listed with the photo.

Brushtail Possum, Tasmania, Australia, 1974
Photograph by Joe Scherschel
The most common possum species in Australia, the brushtail possum is a tree-dwelling nocturnal marsupial. Its propensity to nest in roofs and ceilings has been known to surprise Aussie homeowners.
(Photograph shot on assignment for, but not published in, “Journey of Burke & Wills: First Across Australia,” February 1979, National Geographic magazine)

I looked up Joe Scherschel and he has some amazing photographs.

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