Apocalypse Preparedness Wish List: Introduction

Those of you that know me pretty well or have followed my blog since I started it off last fall with all the apocalypse preparedness posts (which I am attempting to get back to), know that I am somewhat interested in being prepared for the end of the world as we know it.  Some of you may even remember that zombie book/movie spree I went on a few years ago and then totally freaked out for about a month that my house was not zombie proof nor realistically zombie proof-able. 

I have come a long way since then, and no longer run from zombies in my dreams, I now shoot those bitches in the head and take them out using a crazy-dream-state-modified-super-hero-kung-fu style of combat.  I now laugh in the slurred oozing faces of zombies as my sleeping dream self apparently lives in a zombie proof farm compound with an intense and seemingly unlimited supply of weaponry and survival supplies.

Real life Krista is nowhere near ready for any type of apocalyptic event. Nor do I have a securable home or stockpiles of anything other than the accidental over abundance of some possible necessities  that would qualify as survival supplies.  Let’s just say we have plenty of seeds, tools, some arms, a bit of light weight package camping gear, chickens, a pony (everyone will want a pony when the world ends) and a semi working small generator. 

With the lack of my preparedness stated, I have plans to do some blog posting on my survival preparedness wish list.  Since I can’t afford most of these items, and do not see a future in which I can any time soon, I can at least have a list ready right?  Right.  So standby for some fun future blog posts titled:  “Apocalypse Preparedness Wish List”.

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