Chicken Crazy

I really do attempted to keep my political views to myself, but if you do know me, even a little, you should know that I fall into the – If you don’t hurt others, then do what you like – range of acceptance.  ie. be gay, be interracial, be transgender, live a non traditional life, work outside of the norm, be single and proud, don’t have kids and don’t explain it to anyone, whatever.  If you are not hurting anyone, have at it.

When I heard this whole Chick-fil-A bull crap, I just rolled my eyes.  OK so chicken dude throws tons of the money his company makes off of chicken eating fools like us into anti gay organizations.  Fine, I just won’t give him any more of my money to do this with.  Simple.

I do realize that I very rarely eat fast food, and probably had Chick-fil-A about a year ago, if that.  So my with-holdings won’t make much of an impact, but yeah, I do what I can.

Then I heard all about this whole – go eat at Chick-fil-A on August 1 and show your support.

I again rolled my eyes.

Today – August 1 – I started to see posts on my news feed from (mostly) distant acquaintances stating things like (best said in a silly voice out loud) “Waited in line for 45 minutes at Chick-fil-A, totally worth it.” and (use another ridiculously exaggerated voice) “Way to go (insert local town), the line at Chick-fil-A was out the door!”.


So people actually blew 45 minutes waiting in line for (admittedly hella good) chicken to show their support of a massive franchise’s outright hate of other people.

That is a lot of effin energy to blow on hate.

Yeah yeah, have your beliefs, its all good, seriously, its all good.  Hate who you want, have whatever beliefs you want.  It doesn’t mater if those beliefs are ones you came up with on your own, your parents taught you, you read in a book, you learned through society and life, whatever.  Believe what you want.

Your choice, enjoy your freedom.  But really, how unfair is it to insist that others have to also follow your beliefs?

And to keep it clear, we are not talking about something that hurts anyone else, anyone at all.  We are talking about the exact opposite actually.  We are talking, in this case, specifically about love.  As simple as that.  It is putting effort into stopping some people from loving how they want to love because of the definition some other people believe love has.

So one person hates another person because their idea of love is different?  Almost an oxymoron right?  hate, love.

And what gets me the most is the amount of energy that is being put forward to show hate.

When I dislike or hate something, I just avoid it. I want to spend as little energy as possible on things I don’t like.  I want to put my energy into things I do like.

And I was going to just quietly ignore the whole Chick-fil-A thing, don’t go and give them my money, and spend as little of my energy and give them as little of my attention as possible.

But then, a Facebook “friend”, invited me to the Facebook, August 1 Support Chick-fil-A event.  Really?  Seriously?  This person clearly does not know me at all.  And, you know, it really ticked me off.  How could someone who knows me even the little tiniest bit think I might even remotely support a hate cause?  Why would they have any inkling that I would not only be unsupportive of other peoples right to live the life they want to live, none the less, put actual effort into standing against their right to their beliefs?

Eff that.
So I started typing this long rambling, angry blog post.  Then I deleted it and started typing this one instead.  Not nearly as long or as angry.  I would consider it lengthy and outraged instead.

Then, (yep there’s more) I checked my Facebook newsfeed again and my sister had posted this fantastic (and entertaining) video from Jackson Pearce and wow, she really puts it more simply.

Click here to view video 1

(Sorry I cannot seem to figure out how to get the video to be on this page so you will have to link to it from the above clicky line)

THEN (yep more still) I private messaged the video to a friend, who loved it, and then she posted the follow up video, which is even better.  I particularly feel with her when she talks about how people back in the 50s and such time frame were all anti interracial marriage, and how at the time that was so unacceptable,  but now it’s a lot more common, so what do those people tell their kids now.   I like the comparison.

Click here to view video 2

So of course I am now subscribed to Jackson’s blog.  and not just cause she is a pretty intelligent person, but really, she was talented-ly entertaining and I think I will enjoy her blog.


Be free to be the best you that you can be. 


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