Puppy Frozen Yogert

My mom introduced Daisy to Frosty Paw about a year ago.  Frosty Paws is a single serving cup of doggy ice cream.  More recently my mom began making her own frozen doggy treats.  While visiting for Thanksgiving last week, Daisy had one and my mom told me about the process.

On the way home I stopped at the grocery store and picked up the ingredients to make Daisy her own batch.

Not only did it turn out to be inexpensive and easy, but both Daisy, and my husband’s dog, Ash, love them.

Total success.

I am excited to try out some different variations and combinations, but for now I am passing on this basic recipe for you to try as well.

Puppy Frozen Yogurt Recipe


-One large container of plain or vanilla yogurt

-One banana or large jar of banana baby food

-2-4 Tablespoons of Peanut butter, smooth or chunky

-1 Tablespoon of honey

-12-20 Small disposable plastic cups


-Combine all ingredients and mix with a hand mixer, food processor, or blender.

-Pour into the little cups and then put them in the freezer.

-Once they are frozen they are ready to serve.  I put all of mine into a gallon freezer bag for easier storage.

All of the ingredients ready to mix.

Blended with a hand mixer, and ready to pour into the cups.

Fresh out of the freezer and ready to serve.

*If experimenting with your own unique combination of ingredients, please keep in mind that some foods are not healthy for dogs digestive systems and can result in stomach upset or even death.  A simple google search of “what foods dogs should not have” will give you an idea of where not to start.  A few examples include: Chocolate, grapes, avocado

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  1. I’ve seen so many pictures now of this dog icecream, and it’s getting my mouth watering! Daisy is a cutie eating it btw!:)

  2. This looks like something I’ll have to try come summer time.

  3. I have Great Pyrenees dogs. Single serving? LOL I think they will take the whole bowl. Thanks for the recipe. I will be trying it out!

  4. great recipes my border collie loves this stuff


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