The Mindy Poject – Win Win

I love the fall.  It’s the best time of year.  The weather cools off, the outdoors turns whimsical colors, the ponies get fuzzy, the dogs and cats get cuddly and it’s time to break out the hoodies.  Fantastic.

It is also the start of TV time.  Yeah yeah, boo to TV.  I gotcha.  And generally, I am not a big TV fan either.  But I do enjoy snuggling on the couch in my PJs for the start of some new TV shows as part of the change to this wonderful season.

Yesterday on I watched the pilot of a new show, The Mindy Project.

This is a show I had caught a few commercials for and was not particularly excited about.  I like the main character played by Mindy Kaling, who is also the creator of the show.  Mindy is probably best known for her role as Kelly Kapoor in the popular TV comedy, The Office.  Since I like Mindy, I decided to give the show a try, and I am glad I did.

After just the one episode I would best summarize the show as; Scrubs meets Sex in the City with a little bit of something else added in to make it all its own.   We follow the main character, Mindy, as she traverses life as an early 30 something physician, and her exploits in the dating world.  The character appears to have a strong fondness for romantic comedies and is both fun and quirky with a touch of Phoebe from Friends.   In the first episode we saw Mindy deliver a baby, make a sloppy fool of herself at her X’s wedding, banter with coworkers and go for a drunken bike ride.  She totally pulled off being a hot mess with style.  The show is light and easy to enjoy, and I found myself laughing out loud and smiling at the antics and easy come wit.

I have added The Mindy Project to my  queue in case I miss the second episode next Tuesday on Fox after New Girl, another one of my favorites.

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