Reblogged – Soilentgreens on GMOs

I complain about Monsanto and GMOs a lot, although not on this blog. That is mainly because it is such a large topic that is so very important that I do not feel I have been able to collect my thoughts about it in a way to really get the message across in a manner that sounds intelligent. And I did not want to tackle this topic half assed. But blogger, Soilentgreen did in this fantastic post. It is worth the few minutes it will take to read. Then you are free to do as you please with that knowledge.

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A fellow blogger asked me to expound on the topic of heirloom/organic vs. hybrid/organic seeds. I’ve been putting it off because the subject is bigger than just seeds and begs a much more detailed account of what “sustainability” means to me and my partner. To answer the question simply though, Heirloom/organic = sustainable/healthy; Non-heirloom/non-organic = non-sustainable/potentially unhealthy. Heirloom seeds produce fruits and vegetables that in turn produce seeds that will make the same fruit and vegetable, over and over again, year after year. Non-heirloom, or hybrid or GMO seeds, do not. (That is not to say that all hybridized seeds are genetically modified. It is just a line that we’ve drawn in our personal sand about our purchases.)

First up, for those who are curious about the various types of seeds available out there, you have a ton of choices, and not all are created equal. They might each come…

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