A New Hat and New Hair

This is The Temple – photo from their website

I visited my family in Maryland earlier this week and while I was there, my mom suggested my sister Kerri, and I go to The Temple and get our hair cut. 

I have not had my hair cut professionally in years and years.  The last cut I had was a few months ago and involved my husband snipping off a few inches for me.  We are talking a straight across cut, just to get some of the dead ends off.  I have had the same butt length, long, straight hair-do for over a dozen years.  Its straight and fine and I have a lot of it. 

I had been tossing around the idea of shortening my hair for a while, going for a more manageable length.  Kerri was thinking the same thing, and wanted to shorten her thick, wavy hair to a shoulder length cut.  So we decided to give it a go. 

The Temple is a Paul Mitchell school, and haircuts only cost $15, which is my idea of affordable.  It is a clean, upbeat,  modern hair studio located in a historic building in downtown Frederick.  It is full of students dressed in black, walking around with model heads in their hands.   The student I was assigned to was a friendly and enthusiastic 21 year old who was close to completing the program.  She was also competent and did a fantastic job.  She washed and cut my hair, taking off 12 inches and leaving me with fresh healthy hair.  Consultants (teachers) circulate, checking on students work and approving each cut before a patron is considered done. It took a full hour, but it was a great experience.  My hair is awesome, and my wallet is not empty. 

My sister and I took some time to walk around downtown Frederick after our cuts, and stopped in The Trail House, which is one of my favorite outdoor stores.  I picked up a new Prana hat to go with my new hair while we were there. It is amazing how a new haircut can make you feel like a whole new person.  And a new hat doesn’t hurt either.

Kerri’s new hair

My new hair and hat

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