Grilled Cheese Mania

March 31, 2013

On Friday I went to lunch at Grilled Cheese Mania with some workmates.  It is a quaint little red trailer parked along rt42 on the south side of Harrisonburg, Virginia.  The owner, Kathleen, was working the stand along with Emilie.  Both dressed in yellow polo shirts and brown aprons with big smiles on their faces.  The stand is clean and  appealing to the eye, with some flower boxes around front an attractive logo used liberally.  The happy and enthusiastic workers made the place feel extra welcoming and fun.  


Between the group of us, we tried an array of items including the Classic Johnny, the Larold, the Triple Lindy, the Suzie Pepper, Cole’s Veggie Chili, Mikey’s Mac & Cheese, and Becca’s Tomato Bisque.  The sweet tea and limeade came in a wide clear cup that makes it surprisingly more appetizing.  Kathleen brought us out a few samples to try, and we thought each item was fantastic.  Grilled to perfection, the sandwiches were all top notch, with crisp bread held together by melted goodness, a true selection of gourmet grilled cheese.  The tomato soup was outstanding, with a strong fresh tomato taste, mixed with a creaminess and perfectly simple selection of herbs and spices.  I am not usually a fan of mac and cheese, but this mac and cheese was really appealing and tastefully original.  It started with large shell noodles, conchiglie I believe, slathered in a white cheese sauce.  Yum.  

Randy – “It’s really good.  I wish it were closer to work.”

Rachel – “I got a classic grilled cheese with tomato soup. When I took my first bite out of my sandwich, I was in grilled cheese heaven. I’m not even big on tomato soup, but this stuff was fantastic.  I think there’s some type of secret ingredient in the food because once everyone started eating, everyone had a smile on their face and it never left.  I’m pretty sure we put this on our list of places to eat at when we go out for lunch!” 

We all left, over stuffed, with the same smiles on our faces that the workers had.    We will certainly be back. 


















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