Chicken Glasses

My husband was watching Antiques Road Show the other day and they priced a pair of chicken glasses.  He told me the agent on the show said the originals are very rare and priced them at something like $500.  When my husband first told me about them I pretty much had this image in my head.

They are actually a pretty neat (although weird) concept.  Chickens tend to peck at another chicken if she gets a wound.  So to prevent this, back in the 30’s people would put rose colored glasses on the chickens, so then everything they saw had a red tint, so then they would not see the blood or pink wound.  Hence, no pecky pecky.

They are pretty neat and remind me of little old cartoon man spectacles.

I think this is what the pair looked like that my husband saw on Antiques Road Show. They kind of look like mud flaps.  There is a metal nose piece that gets squeezed onto the beak.

They also have these new modern ones.

But in reality I think it would just be easier to separate the wounded chicken into its own pen while it heals.

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