Interweb Finds 12/05/12

December, 05, 2012

Some funny, inspiring, hilarious, ridiculous, interesting stuff viewed on the interweb over the past few weeks.

Gay men will marry your girlfriends.

This video is totally worth the click and few seconds to watch it.  Pretty clever and made me laugh.  There is a second one, Gay women will marry your boyfriends.  Also amazing.


This horse and dog were found tied up and abandoned.

“The horse was “found abandoned in a small field.  He was tied to a mining shaft with about 30 ft of rope and a bucket with a small amount of slimy green water.  The vet who cared for him said that she had never seen one so thin that was still alive.  He had a respiratory infection and was slowly consuming his own body to stay alive.”

Why even tie him up?

Tazwell County, VA

Finland spends 30 percent less per student than the United States, yet 96 percent of Finns graduate high school and 66 percent go to college.
26 amazing facts about Finland’s school system:


This is a cool hidden shelter.





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