Smaug’s Economy

December 24, 2013

This weekend I met my good friend Jenn, and we went and saw the second Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug.  Blah blah, the movie was awesome and also super long. That’s not what I want to go on about here.  Specifically, I want to speak to the amount of gold the dragon, Smaug is hording.

For those that have not read the book, there is a dragon named Smaug, who moved himself into a mountain stronghold that formally belonged to a dwarf nation.  Since he has been living there, he has been hording mass amounts of gold, as is traditional for dragons.  In the 2013 movie, we see the enormity of Smaug’s stash.  There are piles and heaps, and literal mountains of the shiny stuff everywhere.  Smaug is nowhere to be seen, because he is literally, buried in the stuff.

My first though was, dang, Bilbo better be careful he doesn’t drown or get crushed in a gold land slide.  My second thought was, it would take millions of dump truck loads to carry that out of there.  Basically, the enormity of the gold flooding the inside of this mountain, is unfathomable.

My next though was, ‘Well hell, if they liberate even one percent of that gold, and if floods into the market, it is going to rock the economy of middle earth’. Like seriously smash the economy.  Anything gold would be practically worthless.  Men would be building houses out of it because wood and rocks would be more valuable.

Maybe silver would become the new gold? Personally, I prefer silver to gold anyway.

Can you even spot Bilbo running on top of all that gold?



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