Apocalypse Comforts

The apocalypse hits.  You’re ready to tromp on out of your house.  What special mementos do you have in your knapsack?

Necessities like knives, guns, light weight, high energy food and a team of other survivalists aside, what items would you find pretty hard to leave behind?  It’s a given that you have already fully clothed and equipped yourself with the best outdoor clothing, footwear, a light weight sleeping bag, flash light and other survival necessities.  We are talking about pleasure items and non necessities here.  What special keepsakes and comfort items would be worth lugging along? 

I am a book fiend and am addicted to my Kindle, which is light weight, compact and holds its charge for over a month.  So add my Kindle to the pack. And maybe a lengthy favorite paper book as well.  For when power is lacking to charge the Kindle or it has been broken and destroyed.  I would also bring my small point and shoot camera with some extra rechargeable batteries and memory cards to get some amazing shots.  I think a smaller notebook and pen would be nice to have for recording thoughts and experiences.  Don’t forget chap stick.  It’s a good light weight comfort item.  Chapped lips suck, and there is certain to be some exposure to the elements.  And I would probably toss in a few photos of my loved ones.    

This helps put a household of belongings into perspective.  Try thinking about it.  If you are on foot, struggling to survive, what would you add to the load of necessaries you are already carrying?  What is important enough to add to the pack that is already weighing you down?

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