Reminiscing Fell’s Point

Over the weekend I went with my family to visit my grandmother in Baltimore.  She lives in Morrell Park, which is not the nicest part of Baltimore.  Someone painted a pretty nifty mural next to the railroad tracks as you get off of Rt95 at the Washington Boulevard exit. 

After spending a few hours with my grandmother, my mom, dad, sister Kerri and I went to Fells Point for a bite to eat and a little reminiscing. 

We grabbed dinner at Bertha’s, where we ate mussels and crab cake sandwiches.  Yum.  I remember my parents had an Eat Bertha’s Mussels bumper sticker on the inside of the cabinet under our sink when I was a really little kid, something like 30 years ago.  I picked one up while we were there, and put it on our mud room fridge when I got home. 

I thought this lamp post was artistically messed up. On the side of Bertha’s

We walked around and stopping by some of my parents favorite places like The Horse You Came In On and Leadbetter’s

I also saw the Blue Moon Café, which was closed.  Rich and I watched a Food Network TV show that it was on recently.  It looked like a really cool breakfast place.  I would like to eat there sometime. 

We walked around looking at some of the historic houses and enjoyed the general Fells Point vibe.  I used to go to Feels Point with my family when I was little, and with friends when I was a teenager.  It was always a good way to spend a day. 

I also saw this tag up on a wall.  It makes me wonder if my husband’s dog, Ash has been making weekend visits to rampage with his own gang around Baltimore…. He is a trouble maker and my husband swears that his paw-writing.

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