Bachelorette Weekend – Jamie Style

April 7, 2013

Over a year ago I mentioned on here that I was excited to be a bridesmaid for the first time.  Since then the bride has gotten a gorgeous dress, I have met the other two bridesmaids, and I love them, and we have gotten our bridesmaid dresses. 

The dresses are long purple dresses with a wide criss-cross strap.  One of the best features is that the dresses have two hidden pockets.  Yep, pockets on a fancy dress.  Score! 

Two weeks ago, we had a modified bachelorette weekend.  Bride Jamie, bridesmaid Anne and myself drove up to bridesmaid Becky’s house for the weekend. 

I feel so comfortable and at home with both Anne and Becky, neither of which I knew before this wedding event got rolling.  They are both really fun and I could have seen either fitting into my personal circle of good friends at any point in my life.  Becky also has the cutest adopted dog, Charlie.  Bonus points for her.    

On this exciting weekend adventure we had a few simple goals.  Get to know each other, have a fun dinner outing, do a little wedding and shower planning and purchase wedding shoes.  We managed to accomplish all of the above!  Woo!  I even found shoes that fit my wide, awkward feet, that I like, and can walk in! 

This is not the most exciting or informative blog post, but I wanted to mark this occasion.

It is interesting to me to hear other people talk about wedding events and how complicated and unfun they can be.  And I am sure there is no wedding that doesn’t have some trials and anxiety, but this wedding experience has been pretty enjoyable for me.  I think in part it is because the bride and groom are very down to earth and funding the wedding on their own.  They are also older, in their mid-30s, and similar minded to myself.  

I also really enjoyed the “girl time” and “running in a pack” during the weekend.  It made me feel young and carefree.  I no longer live near a group of friends, and when I do get to socialize with others, there is often family in tow, so being able to play, with no written schedule, no husbands of kids tagging along, and able to blah blah about whatever, was incredibly fulfilling. 

I am looking forward to some more fun as this wedding event continues to ramp up towards the big day. 


Becky’s dog Charlie



No one bought these shoes. They were just, wow.



Jamie trying out a fabulous hat.



This is one of the walls of beer that we created some 6 packs from.



These are the shoes I bought for the wedding.



This sign was out of line. How does a rack contain items in over a $100 range work?

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