Revolution – Second Thoughts

This show sounds like the perfect new TV show for me; dystopian society, horses, good vs evil, fighting, action, the end of the world, all that fun ‘what if’ stuff.  But two episodes in and I am getting a bit apprehensive.

To start off, the show is currently playing in a one hour time slot on Monday nights starting at 10pm.  Way past my bed time, and coming off the shirttails of typically exhausting weekends, this does not make for the ideal late night for me.  Last Monday, for the first episode, I fell asleep shortly after it started.  Although I had already watched it on, so not such a big deal.  This Monday, I started struggling to stay awake around 8:30 but did manage to wake back up and stay awake for the entire episode.

My second issue is the main character Charlie and the way she over reacts to everything.  It’s almost as if she did not spend the past 15 years growing up in a harsh world where we suspect nearly the entire population has died.  She is presented as a tough rugged hunter but then whines about killing enemies and not reaching her brother fast enough.  In the second episode she also predictably defied her travel companions and ran off in the night.  These traits just do not fit into this rugged kill or die future.

Other than the time slot and  cry-baby-Charlie, the show is captivating and already throwing some nice curve balls, and twists that are sure to keep viewers like me coming back for more.  I am bated to know more about Grace, and bad guy Tom Neville played by Giancarlo Esposito is fantastic.  And I am a little captivated by Bass Monroe and Miles Matheson.

Maybe we are being shown how sheltered and easy Charlie has really had it and how fast she is going to grow up now that she is on the road.  Or maybe it’s the writer’s way to let viewers have hope that even if the power goes out for good, some people won’t lose their soft inner core (not everyone wants a cut throat ‘reality’).  It is also very possible that I was so tired that I just needed her to shut the hell up so the show could move along.

The show’s late time slot is already making it hard to catch, and being a little annoyed with one of the main characters is not helping.  Is this show going to become a show for me?  No matter what, I am certain to tune into episode 3 next week.

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