Unexposed Parks

Daisy goes just about everywhere I go, within reason.  So of course she went to visit my family in Maryland with me.  While visiting we went to a park and got in a good hour long walk each day.  Daisy loves new parks.  So many interesting smells.    On the last day of our visit we went to the Walkersville Park, which is right behind my former high school.  We could hear some announcements and a bell to change classes during our walk. Which was nostalgically weird. We also saw a girl sneak out from behind the school and into the park, clearly skipping.  She met up with a young guy who had pulled into the park in his car just a few minutes earlier.

My sister and I observed what great condition the park was in, with pavilions, playground equipment, volleyball nets, paths, bridges, and trashcans all in excellent, non-graffiti condition.  The grass was perfectly mowed and dog poo free and the walking path wound through trees and over a covered bridge.  Kerri commented that in some places the unexposed privacy of the park would be dangerous but that this park felt safe and relaxed.  We enjoyed the park in near exclusive privacy, only seeing one man doing tai chi and the school skipping teens.

It is nice to have grown up in an area where parks were clean and safe, and its nice to know those same parks are still like that.

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